Warding off bad luck | Araiykushi・Recovery from eye illness・Warding off bad luck・Baishouin

 - We pray for you to avoid accidents, and to spend the future life safely and peacefully.

About "Warding off bad luck"

It may be said that it is the turning point of the life.The year of “Warding off bad luck” is the time of the age that changes physical condition (by disease, injury, aging) in particular by stresses such as entrance to school, finding employment, marriage, resignation, and daily stress.
We pray and burn down those bad luck for you by putting the Goma on fire which is the practices of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.

Information of the Goma ceremony

Information of the Goma ceremony

Schedule of the Goma

If you want to be prayed, please be participate in a Goma prayer Buddhist ceremony.

< Schedule of the Goma >

Goma ceremony day is the days of the fair including
8 (8th, 18th and 28th) every month
at 11:00 a.m and 2:00p.m.(twice a day)

If you want to be prayed, please be arrived before the schedule time.
(No reservation is necessary)

※The schedule will change at New year

Unlucky year list

Good luck charms


Wish for

Recovery from eye illness,Recovery from illnesses, Good luck and ward off bad luck, Family peace, No illness and sound health, Safe driving, Physical health, Thriving business, Prayer for safe childbirth,Ward off bad luck in accordance with nine traditional astrological signs, Wish come true, Success in entrance exam, and so on

Prayer fees

Normal: 5,000yen  Medium:7,000yen  Large:10,000yen  Special: 15,000yen