Setsubun-e (Bean throwing) | Annual events | Araiykushi・Recovery from eye illness・Warding off bad luck・Baishouin

 - We hold annual Setsubun-e(Bean throwing) ceremony solemnly and grandly in this temple.

At Baishouin Setsubun-e(Bean throwing), the Man of the year, the Woman of the year and also actors and actresses join the ceremony. We parade around the town of Nakano from Nakano sunplaza to our house for approximately one hour. Meanwhile, we walk with distributing lucky beans and so you may have chance to get beans directly from celebrities!

Anyone other than the Man of the year and the Woman of the year are also welcome. Let’s throw beans together!

In this ceremony, we accept application for wooden good luck charms only too(“Warding off bad luck”, “Physical health”,”Safe driving”and others) ※Fees 5,000 yen~.

Setsubun-e (Bean throwing)

Setsubun-e Detail

Date Feb. 3
Fee Adult: 30,000yen
Children of primary school and under: 15,000yen
The day’s flow
  • 14:30

    Meet at Nakano Sunplaza

  • 15:00

    Parade the streets starts

  • 16:00

    Ceremorny ※At Baishouin

  • 16:30

    Bean throwing ※At Baishouin

  • 17:00