Twelve Divine Generals | Araiykushi・Recovery from eye illness・Warding off bad luck・Baishouin

 - The Twelve Divine Generals are the guardians who protect the world of Buddha of Healing and people who believe in it.

About the Buddha of Healing

The Buddha of Healing is a Buddha who made "twelve great vows” and worked hard for helping suffered people. By its penance, it is believed to heal all people from ills and sufferings.

The Buddha of Healing is also called “Iou (the King of Medical treatment)”, and reside in the Eastern Paradise (Well known Buddha Amitabha reside in the Western Paradise). And besides healing, it gives happiness and prosperity, profit and comfort not only this world but also the future life.
There were some evils that tormented people have been troubled if “twelve great vows” actually accomplished, so that they planed to disturb it. To protect the Buddha of Healing from those evils, there were 12 gods of justice stood in conflict and that was the origin of “The Twelve Divine Generals”.

The Eastern Paradise is like a large hospital that they have excellent doctor with many facilities completely equipped, and it may be said that the Buddha of Healing is a chief doctor. To support founding that hospital and to protect the chief doctor will also leads to saving people.(Honzon Omaedate)

About "The Twelve Divine Generals"

The Twelve Divine Generals are standing around the Buddha of Healing by putting a camp on 12 directions and protecting it from evils at any moment.

Each of "The Twelve Divine Generals” has 7,000 army God followers and they must always lead 84,000 in total to stand against invasion at the risk of their lives, and so they look very severe. However, wanting to accomplish the wish of the Buddha of Healing safely and heartily is who the real they are.

Besides, they are Buddha very familiar for us just as famous Dainichi Buddha and the Amitabha.