About Baishouin | Araiykushi・Recovery from eye illness・Warding off bad luck・Baishouin

 - We are named 'Araisan Baishouin' and are commonly called 'Araiyakushi'.

The principal object of worship

The Principal object of worship at Baisyouin is a sacred image of the Buddha of Healing (face) and the Nyoirin Kannon (the backside). The height is approximately 5.5cm.
It is informed that it was the guardian of a military commander(Nitta-family) who played an active part in the Kamakura era.

According to temple legend, a Buddhist priest called Gyoushun visited the village of Arai from the Sagami country (Kanagawa) in the late Kamakura era.
The spring water sprang out of the ground here and Gyoushun thought this place is good for Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, then he built a thatched hut.
In the early Edo era, this thatched hut was almost abandoned. But there was a phenomenon that the old tree of a plum which planted in the garden of this thatched hut glittered on each evening ,and the sacred image was found in the hole of that plum tree afterwards on Tensho era March 21, 14.
That was the beginning of Baisyouin.

The Buddha of Healing who appeared with a mysterious event is earnestly believed by people till today as “God of eyes", because he prayed for the vicious eye disease that Kazuko (the fifth child of Prince 2s general Hidetada (Tou Hukumonin)) suffered from, and it recovered well. He is also believed as “God of child-raising”that 5th Genkyou prescribed good child medicine after received revelation from him.

Open to the public

Because Baishouin’s principal object of worship is the hidden Buddhist statues, therefore open it to the public is only for the Year of the Tiger. (the sacred image is a substitute)